Game consoles

HDMI Repair in San Antonio:

Dr. Phonez specializes in HDMI repair for various gaming consoles right here in San Antonio. If you’re experiencing issues with your console’s HDMI port, trust our expert technicians to diagnose and efficiently repair the problem. We utilize top-quality replacement parts to ensure a reliable HDMI repair, restoring your console’s optimal performance.

Nintendo Charging Port Repair in San Antonio:

Is your Nintendo console’s charging port malfunctioning? Bring it to Dr. Phonez for expert charging port repair, specifically tailored for Nintendo consoles, right here in San Antonio. Our technicians are well-equipped to repair charging ports for various Nintendo console models, ensuring a reliable and efficient repair to get your console charging properly.

Other Game Console Repair Services:

  • Screen Replacement: If your gaming console’s screen is damaged, our technicians can seamlessly replace it using genuine, high-quality parts.
  • Battery Replacement: Experiencing battery issues with your gaming console? We offer battery replacement services to ensure optimal performance and extended gameplay.
  • Water Damage Repair: If your gaming console has been exposed to water, our team will conduct a thorough diagnostic check and repair any water damage, providing a comprehensive solution.
  • Speaker Damage Repair: Are you facing audio issues with your gaming console? Our skilled technicians can repair or replace damaged speakers, restoring high-quality sound.
  • Diagnostic Check: If you’re uncertain about the issue with your gaming console, opt for a diagnostic check. Our technicians will conduct necessary tests and inspections to accurately identify the required repairs.

Ready to get your gaming console repaired? Contact Dr. Phonez or get an instant quote to initiate the repair process for your any console needs.