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Cell Phone Repair in San Antonio
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Repair services we offer

Screen Repair

A broken screen may seem like everything has come to a halt. You can't enjoy watching your favorite series or movies nor can you send a text with all the dreaded cracks through the screen making it hard to understand what's going on the screen. Bring your device at Dr. Phonez.Our expert technicians can fix your iPhone less than 30 minutes!

Water Damage Repair

We offer free diagnostic then give you the exact cost and problem.If your iPhone has come into contact with water,the first step is to turn your phone off if you device is still respondive and get it to an iPhone repair professional as soon as possible.Corrosion can set in and cause short circuits,leaving you with very few iPhone repair options.Skip the rice bag and bring your cellphone to your local Dr. Phonez location.

Battery Repair

If your device isn’t performing at an optimal level, the issue may lie with the battery. We rely on our phone for more than just phone calls and a battery issue can be devastating. Sometimes the battery is drained out due multiple apps running in the background. A fast draining battery can be troublesome and get annoying at time. At Dr. Phonez, we carry out most batteries in our stock.

Charging Port Repair

 Charging port of your cellphone and it isn't working anymore? Sometimes you are in a hurry and completely forgot that you're charging your phone. The jerking or yanking can cause problem to your port. Sometimes the constant plugging and unplugging too can damage the charging port of your phone. Visit Dr. Phonez to get your iPhone charging port fixed.

FAQs on Cell Phone Repair

In most cases, we can repair your device in around an hour.

At Dr. Phonez we do offer up to 1 year warranty on most our repair services.

No, appointments aren’t necessary. You can walk-in to any one of our location.

Yes! For known issues like a cracked screen or a battery that won’t hold a charge you can get your quote here if you are not sure about the issue with your device please visit us at one of our location.

We are located with 3 convenient locations across San Antonio, open 7 days a week.Dr. Phonez Locations.

Charging issues are pretty common on iphones like every other cellphone.

Over the time charging multiple times a day may warn out your charging port.

Our certified technicians can replace test and replace your charging port less than an hour on most devices.

If you dropped your phone in water make sure bring your device to your local repair shop asap corrosions can damage your phone more than initial damage.


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Dr. Phonez offers professional repair solutions in San Antonio at 3 convenient location.
We have been completed successfully over +300,000 devices in the last 12 years.
We do offer repair solutions  including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Samsung Tablets Motorola’s LG’s and many more!
Prompt,efficient,affordable device diagnosis and repair services on all brand.
Our reputation precedes us.

Our stores open 6 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm Monday thru Saturday.