iOS 16 What’s new?

Introduction iOS 16 is the latest version of iOS, the operating system used to power iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. It was announced at WWDC 2019 on June 3 and became available as a free software update for some iPhones, iPads and iPods from early September. New Siri interface The new Siri interface has […]

How to Back up Your iPhone Properly?

Do you own an iPhone, and you want to back it up? Here is everything you need to know about backing up your iPhone, including how to do it, why it is important to back up your phone, and three ways to Backup using iCloud, iTunes, and Acronis cyber protect home office. The days of […]

How to check your iPhone’s battery life?

What does battery health “service” means? Has your iPhone device been having battery issues and would like to check the battery’s health? you are in the right place; this article teaches you how to check the battery health of your device and the concept of service. Almost all iPhone user complains about their device’s battery status. […]

iOS 15.6 features what’s new?

Are you looking forward to the exemptional features that iOS 15.6 features? This article brings you the features of this latest iPhone operating system version and what’s new in it for a better experience. The tech giant Apple has recently released the latest iPhone operating system, version 15.6 which brings with it new features that […]

How to Factory Reset Your iPhone or Android?

Do you own an iPhone or an android phone? Here is what you need to know about resetting your phone, including why you may need to factory reset it, if doing so will erase everything, how to reset your phone, and what you should do before taking this step. You might wish to do a […]

Common iPhone Problems? How to fix them?

Are you an iPhone user or dealer and want to know the common problems in these types of phones? Learn more about five common iPhone problems and how you can fix them in this article.  iPhones are smartphone devices known to deliver high-end and seamless performance compared to other brands. However, that doesn’t mean iPhones […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Screen Protector

Life without a cell phone is unthinkable for most of us. But unfortunately, there are many people whose worst fear is to misplace their phone or forget to bring it with them whenever they leave their home. But a forgotten risk is that you can easily find yourself without a cellphone if you aren’t using […]