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Now Repairing These Devices

We have the Digitizers and LCD’s as well as other parts for the following devices:

Samsung Captivate Glide – SGH-i927 (AT&T) repair

Samsung Nexus S 4G – SPH-D720 (Sprint) repair

Samsung Galaxy S II Attain i9100 repair

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-i727 (AT&T) repair

Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-i997 (AT&T) repair

Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 repair

Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405 repair

Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-i777 repair

Samsung Focus SGH-i917 repair

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch P7510 repair

iPad Repair – Can This iPad Repair Be Done?

Yesterday we received an iPad in the mail, and the first thing that we thought of was – “Does this thing even turn on?”. Luckily, yes it did turn on, however, it was in a real bad shape as you can see in the images below. The iPad Digitizer was cracked (smashed is a better word), LCD was bleeding and also the back cover (housing) was bent. I was surprised that the logic board on this iPad was still intact.

iPad Repair Cracked Digitizer

iPad Repair Cracked LCD and Bent Housing

We had to go for immediate surgery as soon as we contacted the customer and let him know exactly what needs to be replaced and the cost of the repair. A complete overhaul of the iPad had to be done, with a complete front iPad digitizer and LCD assembly with the middle frame, as well as the back housing. And the result is below.

iPad Repair

If you need your iPad Repair done right, bring it to Dr. Phonez

Myth About Charge Port Repair

charging port repair

Myth #1

Charge ports if they are broken or disconnected can be repaired, no matter what the condition of the port or the board is.

No. All charge ports cannot be repaired. Simply because your charge port when it came off of the connections on the board, it took a piece of the connection with it. On such instances, charge ports cannot be repaired or replaced.

Myth #2

Once the charge port is repaired or replaced, it will be just like when the phone was new.

Wrong. Most manufacturers use Lead based solders on the board, which are a lot stronger and need more heat to take off the board. Repair shops do not use Lead based solders, and therefore are not has hard as the factory ones. This helps because if the repair ever needs to be conducted again, we don’t have to use excessive heat to remove the charge port from the board.

Myth #3

Charge port repair should covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

No. That is considered physical damage and therefore cannot be covered under the warranty.

iPhone Repair :: Do You Have A Blank iPhone Screen?

We see this quite often, that the customer comes in and has a completely blank screen. It wont turn on, it wont show that it is charging when put on a charger. From the looks of it, you would come to a few conclusions:

  • a. The LCD is out and therefore the screen is blank
  • b. The battery is dead and the phone is not charging
  • c. The charge port on the iPhone is out and it is not accepting charge
  • We have noticed that a lot of times that none of the above conclusions are true. Here is something that you would want to try before you take the phone in for repair. Try doing a hard reset ie. Press the home button and the power button on top at the same time for about 5-10 seconds and you will see an Apple logo pop up. This should possibly fix your problem. And if it doesn’t, then you can always contact the iPhone Repair Specialists at Dr. Phonez – 888-377-8583

    Dis-Assembling iPhone 3G / 3GS Front Display Panel

    Disclaimer: Please don’t attempt this iPhone Repair if you are not familiar with opening up electronic gadgets. Dr. Phonez is not responsible for any damage you do to the device.

    In the event your iPhone has a cracked LCD display or front panel, you will have to know the inner assembly of the iPhone 3G / 3GS display in order to replace your broken pieces. Here we discuss the dis-assembly process of the iPhone 3G / 3GS display so that when the time comes to replace your LCD or digitizer, you will already know how to remove your front panel.

    Step One –

    At the base of your iPhone where the dock connector is located there are two screws. Remove these screws with a small Phillips head screwdriver and set them aside.

    Step Two –

    Using a suction cup, and slowly lift up the front display. Be careful to not lift the screen too far due to the fact that it is still connected with very sensitive cables. Lift the front display from the bottom just by the home button. If for some reason your front display is too damaged for a suction cup to grip, use a strip of tape.

    Step Three –

    The front display is connected to the base by 3 cables. Holding your display at 45 degrees and the base against a flat surface, you should be able to see these cables. Hold the display with one hand, and slowly unplug these cables that are located towards the top of the display one at a time. These cables are numbered 1,2,3.

    Step Four –

    Start by unplugging cable number 1. This cable is to the extreme top right. This is done by simply using your fingernail or a flat head screwdriver, and lifting it up from the right hand side. Do the same with cable labeled 2. Unplug it up from the bottom. Next is cable number 3. This one is a little tricky. You have to lift up a plastic tab, which is in front of the cable, and then slide the entire digitizer and LCD assembly out of the bottom portion of your phone.

    It should be noted that the second the iPhone display is cracked open by the consumer any remaining warranties are automatically voided out.

    Dr. Phonez hires professional iPhone Repair technicians and we can help you with this repair. Contact us at 210-377-1010

    iPhone Repair – iPhone 3G / 3GS Digitizer Replacement

    Disclaimer: Please don’t attempt this if you are not familiar with opening up electronic gadgets. Dr. Phonez is not responsible for any damage you do to the device.

    iphone repair digitizer

    One of the most commonly reported issues with the iPhone is a cracked digitizer or front touch screen. Let’s face it, we drop our phones, some of us more than others, and eventually your phone drops at the perfect angle in which is cracks. Does this mean life is over? No, but it can be a costly repair. Luckily, you can repair your cracked iPhone screen yourself as long as you have the right know-how.

    Parts Needed

    Before cracking open your iPhone, you need to order the correct parts. Depending on your model of iPhone, the type of screen will vary, but most are known as iPhone Digitizer and Front Glass with Adhesive Kits. Most of these cost under $60 and can be purchased online. You will then need to have on hand an X-Acto blade, paperclip, small screwdrivers, tweezers and cups to hold the screws.

    Open the iPhone

    Before doing any type of repair on your iPhone, ensure that it is fully powered down and not just on hibernate mode. You will then want to remove the SIM card and set that aside. On the bottom of the phone there are two screws by the dock connector, remove them and set them aside. Using your X-Acto blade, pry between the front of the screen and the base of the phone, but only pop it loose, do not remove it entirely.

    Once you have popped the screen loose from the base of the phone, you will notice there are three small cables connecting the screen to the phone. Undo all three connectors and then pull the screen portion away from the back of the phone.

    LCD Assembly

    Though you have separated the pieces, you are far from finished. Now you must separate the phone from the LCD assembly. With tweezers, remove the black strips of tape that are located just to the right or left edges of the screen frame (only on iPhone 3G). You will find small screws (six screws) in total on both sides, which you will remove and put aside. Next you need to pry the LCD display away from the touch screen using your tweezers. Be sure to not scratch the device for it should slide out easily.

    Digitizer (Touch Screen / Glass) Removal

    You are now ready to remove the glass of your iPhone. This requires you to pull the frame holding the iPhone screen away from the glass. Note that they are held together on the bottom, side, and top ends by a strong adhesive. An easy way to loosen the adhesive is to apply heat. The easiest way of doing that is use your hair drier and apply hot air for 30-45 seconds. This will make it easier wiggle your X-Acto blade to loosen the adhesive and remove the broken glass pieces. Here you will have to pick out each individual piece of glass from the rubber frame and ensure that each piece is removed prior to replacing the screen. Make sure your frame is clean and no residue from the glue or the touch screen is left on it.


    Each iPhone is different on the methods used to replace the glass portion. From here you can follow the instructions provided in the glass replacement kit that you have purchased for your particular model of iPhone and then follow the same steps to put the phone back together.

    It is important to note that once you replace the glass screen on your iPhone, you have now voided the warranty. Though this deters most consumers from repairing the iPhone themselves, it should also be noted that to have Apple replace the glass screen it will cost a consumer $199.

    If you don’t want to go ahead and do it yourself, you can always have Dr. Phonez take care of the repair for you. Click here to get your iPhone 3g / 3gs digitizer glass repaired