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Our Blog - MacBook Repair, Smart Devices & More


For over six years, Dr. Phonez has been providing the Greater San Antonio area with expert repair services for MacBooks, iPhones & other smart devices. We are committed to providing every customer with excellent customer service, which includes keepting our blog up to date with information about the most popular smart devices available. Check back regularly for new articles and tips for your smart technology


May 6, 2016

Is Your MacBook Overheating?

If the aluminum on the bottom of your MacBook feels like hot lava at times or you hear the fan blowing at top speed and you can barely hear your Netflix program, there are a few things you can do to prevent these issues. ...read more


December 4, 2015

Convenient Repair in San Antonio for Your Smart Devices

There are several videos and articles online that show you how to fix a broken iPhone screen, or replace a smart phone screen, but the fact is most of us are either too busy to learn how to replace a phone screen, or don’t feel comfortable taking apart an iPhone...read more


August 5, 2015

DIY Guide to Simple Cell Phone Repair

Doesn't it feel like a cell phone is never quite at 100%? There's always a new scratch, ding, dent or handicap that compromises a phone's performance. That fresh, out of the box feeling only really lasts until the first spilled soda or concrete drop incident...read more


March 20, 2015

Providing MacBook Repair in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Phonez provides repair services for MacBooks in and around the San Antonio, TX area.  Our certified technicians have repaired over 30,000 devices, so you know we have the experience needed to repair your MacBook promptly and correctly...read more


February 27, 2015

Visit Dr. Phonez for iPhone Screen Repair

iPhones are an investment. iPhone fans will wait hours in line to get the newest version. You will spend hundreds of dollars to have the latest technology from Apple. And for many, it’s totally worth it! Sadly, your iPhone is not damage proof. This is especially true if you choose not to purchase a case for your phone. Chances are you will damage your phone at some point...read more